Effective treatment recommendations with Viagra

The drug restores normal response to sexual stimulation. In other words, Viagra is used for getting firm and quality erection. At first this medicine was created as remedy for heart diseases, but it appeared ineffective, but with side-effect that improved erection, then general formula was corrected and completed and thus effective and popular all over the world medicine has appeared. The active ingredient of Viagra is a selective inhibitor that is called Sildenafil. The result after taking a pill is strong erection, but men shouldn’t afraid of constant erection during whole four hours, it occurs only in case of sexual contact. Viagra gives confidence in sexual drive and men can be sure in fast effectiveness, quality and coitus without fails. For today Viagra is the most known medicine with worldwide fame and men buy Viagra very often. It is practically first drug in sphere of erectile dysfunction treatment and through years this medicine became more popular and demanded. Most men trust to this drug as during times Viagra showed only its high-effectiveness. First it was discovered and later put in mass production in 1989 in Great Britain. First its purpose was for cardio-vascular problems treatment. This medicine is suitable for most men and it is easy for taking as it has form of pills that should be taken with water.

Comparing with analogues

Viagra is original drug that was discovered many years ago. First company, who has developed necessary molecules for this medicine with effect of quality treatment of erectile dysfunction, had patent protection during 20 years, when this period ended other companies got the right to produce the same drug according developed recipe. And all medicines that are manufactured by other companies are called analogues or generics such as Cialis and Levitra. They have the same active component – Sildehafil and the same result. Sometimes other companies change some components, add auxiliary elements, and change dosage of active component and thus instruction that is applied to the medicine changes. It is important for patients to be attentive while using generics and before taking pills to read instruction. Usually generics have the same effectiveness and they are also often chosen by men. Men also buy Cialis online because usually it is hard to find original medicine, moreover, the analogue can be as good as original and wherein its price can be cheaper, thus why does client choose the drug that make him pay more? Of course, most people try to save money and spend it reasonably. But on the other side, the original drug is a guarantee of that original ingredients and it’s the highest effectiveness. Today, pharmacy market is developed and full of abundance medicines for treatment of potency. Some drugs has too lasting effect up to 36 hours and some have shorter effect up to 4 hours that is more convenient in some cases. The active component can differ, name of company, name of brand, price, package pill color and so far and so on, but the first aim of all of them to help men to feel them demanded in intimate relations to be of full value in bed with a partner, and it’s a right of every man to try some and to choose the most appropriate drug for the most effective treatment and for getting the ultimate effect.

Right dosage

Usually all information is specified in instruction that is applied to the drug and even despite experience of friends, relatives or information that was got from doctor, it is better to read the instruction before treatment and to be sure in dosage by one’s own. Usually Viagra is taken with glass of water regardless of the meal, but it isn’t recommended to mix Viagra with fat food and alcohol or its effect will be eliminated or delayed. It is recommended to take one pill of Viagra 30 minutes before expected coitus and its effect usually lasts up to 4 hours that is quite enough if you planned romantic evening or just night sex after working day and not the weekends with a girlfriend. Usually Viagra is good tolerated, but there are some warnings and side-effects. This medicine isn’t recommended for men who have serious problems with liver and who have ulcer and it is prohibited for men, who have irregular shape of the penis and men, who have experience of a stroke for the last year before using Viagra. Before using it is important to know possible allergic reactions of organism and in case of allergy to Sildenafil, avoid using of this drug. There can be such side-effects such as head ache, red face, flue-like symptoms and back ache. It is recommended to take only 100 mg of Viagra per day; otherwise side-effects can occur or intensify.

Efficiency of treatment

Not in vain this medicine is trusted and often used. The Viagra is checked by years of using and treatment of most men. It is highly effective in treatment of erectile dysfunction that occurs on the ground of different reasons. Usually men suffer from this problem, when they have psychological problems, such as stresses, hidden resentments often quarrel and moral tensions. Psychologist can help you to decide this problem, but until you have gathered for a consultation with your psychologist, you can buy Levitra pill and good sex with stand erection is guaranteed for you. Even those who suffer from weak erection in their old years because of age can successfully use it and enjoy intimate life like in young years when it was 20 years old. Viagra improves blood flow to muscular and cavernous body of the penis makes it fool of blood and makes it firm for enough time to have few lasting sexual acts and to get much pleasure.

Where can I buy Viagra?

It is popular and can be found in many pharmacy stores, but usually men prefer buying Viagra online. Online purchasing is fast and convenient. Man can make shopping without living their place and get the delivery right to the door. There are many men who embarrass buying drugs for potency, buying in online stores, buyers can save their anonymity. With a help of online stores men can purchase cheap Viagra that is original and certified, because online stores as a rule have cheaper price. You can purchase this medicine even here. Moreover, here you are free to buy Viagra without prescription and without any obstacles to start treatment without delay.

Why men suffer from erectile dysfunction? Should it be treated? How it can be treated? Of course it should be treated, because every adult person needs healthy sex, it’s a biological need, but sometimes weak erection occur or this problem became like a rule and couple suffer from this. Relations between man and woman should have quality sex or it will be suffer much, that’s why treatment is necessary.

Problems with erection can occur in any age, but reasons can be different. It is often case when men face with such problems, because man’s potency is quite vulnerable to external factors and it is often a mirror of man’s health. When man is healthy in general, he cannot have erectile dysfunction, but if there is malfunctions in other organs or systems or there is psychological problem, it is likely that problems in intimate life will occur sooner or later. For a pity men suffer much when they fail in bed with partner in very intimate moments, men regard such fails as shame and humiliation. It is not common for men to discuss such problems and ask for help in specialists but it isn’t right. Usually men, who regularly face with weak erection or absent erection regard themselves as impotence, feel them miserable and depressed. In fact, every adult person needs regular and good sex that is impossible without erection. But very often men hesitate to ask for help in specialists and suffer much not only men, but their partners, relations in families and men’s health. It was proved many years ago that there is a relation between men’s health and his sexual life. And according to this proof all men, who face with erectile dysfunction should look for way out from this situation. Here we will try to distinguish reasons of erectile dysfunction, how to eliminate them or to avoid and how to improve potency or treat it. First, that should me admitted, that there are few man who are impotent. And such diagnose can be made only by certified specialist. Thus before proper examination in few doctors, you shouldn’t regard yourself as impotence. In fact, masculine power can be restored especially when treatment isn’t delayed. Men should remember that all problems can be solved.

In modern world, where culture of sex is developed and interested by many, scientists have developed many ways of potency improvement. It is recommended to have consultation with psychologist, to train independently and there are even surgeries for potency improvement, but everything depends on the reason of certain disorder, diagnostic is very important because it identifies farter treatment.

Most efforts for creating of universal medicine for erectile dysfunction treatment made pharmacist and created a pill that relaxes smooth muscles in penis body and full body by blood flow to its porous areas and make it hard enough for maintenance of quality coitus with much more pleasure for both partners despite of the reason that caused problems with erection.

But there are also recommendations for prevention and starting treatment of weak erection. It is very important to keep healthy ratio in food and try to eat food and special pills that contain Vitamin E that is important for normal functioning of organism. Also men should be attentive to eating of fatty foods. Fat food should make up 30% of whole ratio, not less and not more, because thus special hormone is developed that is necessary for normal erection.

Then physical state takes important part in ability to have erection. It is important for every man in order to have firm erection for long years of life, to keep fit, to do sport and to do squats that is very useful for organs in small pelvic, it normalize blood flow and create conditions in organism for good erectile function in men’s organism. It is known for many, that men, who suffer from obesity or excessive weight, cannot have good sex or even suffer from regular erectile dysfunction. Sedentary work or sedentary lifestyle leads to stagnation of blood in small pelvic and also leads to erectile dysfunction. Thus, motion is healthy life and one of the ways of treatment of erectile disorders is sport.

Bed habits have tremendous influence on human health and it is negative as you know, even Ministry of Health always worn us not to smoke and not to drink alcohol. In fact these two bad habits “kill” sexually active men. These habits lead to problems with health: heart, liver, kidneys and vessels, which deteriorate blood circulation and blood access to small blood vessels such as in penis.

Sex has very beneficial effect on both men and women, many doctors often recommend for couples to have sex more often in order not only to improve their relationships but also health, as regular sex reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, improves mood, treats depression, makes people satisfied and more successful in business. It is recommended to have 2-3 coituses per week in order to have beneficial effect of sex on health and life in general. Thus, men shouldn’t refuse sex, because it makes us healthier and happier. Erectile disorders can be treated and should be treated. Even older age is not the reason to refuse from sex, because fallowing rules of healthy life style can present healthy and lasting erection even after 45 years old. And even if it is difficult for you to give up smoking or to keep fit, or to be attentive to your ratio, you always can take a pill for erection. There are many of them and they are available for everyone especially in online stores that often offer not only quality medicines but also reasonable prices.


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