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ED Treatment Experiences – Buy Viagra

In modern world people are affected by hundreds stresses per day and most of them cannot be unnoticed for human health. With time everything changes and the same is for natural processes in human body, sometimes something deteriorates so, that life cannot be like previous. And when you are man at age of approximately 40 years old, you fully understand that time is merciless. Yes, we speak about intimate life and the most common problem for men who are older than forty – the erectile dysfunction or shortly ED. This disorder is a real problem for men, because they feel their power in their potency, and women expect at least normal sex with man after sexual arousal, but when it is impossible because of low potency, it is really sad and embarrassment for both partners especially when fail happen in the very intimate moment.

Every man who are reading this article start thinking about his fails and asking himself what if he has ED. Before making any diagnosis, it is necessary to know about its symptoms, reasons, and consequences. If you cannot get normal erection, enough for quality coitus, or erection losses during coitus and it happens rarely, it can be regarded as norm or minor problem, that doesn’t need worries or special attention. But if, in average, every third coitus for you is a problem, so it is better to consult a doctor. It is often case when even young men face with low potency and usually for them the reason is over fatigue, stresses or sleepless nights or even problems in relations, strong emotions or depression. Anyway, it is better to consult a doctor, and there is a necessity to visit his cabinet in case of failed every third coitus. And what doctor can advise? First that you will be asked about is your life style. Not getting enough sleep, night life, alcohol and smoking are common foes for human health in modern world. Thus, you should try to keep healthy leaving. Remember, that with time work of human’s organism becomes worth and with time men should care more about their health. Healthy fit and sport help to restore necessary amount of testosterone and improve potency, but it is long process.

Many know about medicines for potency. It is used when men cannot have erection even in case of sexual arousal or erection cannot be strong enough during some time for normal sex. Such medicines are very popular and usually they are available in most drugstores. One of the most popular and often bought is Viagra. It is a drug that is known for many years and it is one of the pioneers among drugs for treatment of erectile disorder. In fact, Viagra is a salvation for those who trapped into the problems with potency because of different life situations or healthy problems.  There are also other quite popular medicines for treatment of potency. One of such of hem is Cialis. Some men like using it, because, for example, Cialis vs Viagra, the first one have much longer effect, up to 36 hours, that is convenient for some cases and it isn’t for another cases, thus the Viagra with time effect up to 4 hours is the most universal drug for potency treatment. In medicine also quite popular generics and people buy Generic Viagra mainly when they want to save their money, as usually, analogues have lower price. In our article you can read a lot of interesting reviews of real users and their stories why they had to try this medicine.

“I am 39 years old, I am successful director in one of the biggest finance company and everything is quite good in my life. I have married three years ago and I have often sex with my wife, everything is regular and good. And I am not boasting, in fact, some problems happened to me in my intimate life. During last half year I am too busy at my work, a lot of new projects and responsible moments were put into my duties, I was too tired, but it isn’t influenced on regularity of my intimate life, but it influenced greatly on its quality. The erection came fast as usually, but wasn’t lasting enough to finish and to bring desired satisfaction to my wife. It brought some misunderstanding in our relations; wife thought that she isn’t attractive for me anymore and I was worried about my health and I asked my doctor for help. First think that he asked me about were my bad habits, actually I don’t drink alcohol more than once per week, sometimes even rare and I can’t stand smoking at all. Then I was asked about my day schedule and doctor advised me to have more rest, to take vacation at least for few weeks and at the end doctor prescribed Viagra pills to me. So, of course I tried this drug and it was my first experience. Shortly I can say that I liked it. I bought it in drugstore, of course I had some shame to ask for such drug, but at least it is my private life and I have all rights to treat my potency. I took the pill on my way home and I had sex with my wife approximately in 40 minutes after taking. It was incredible; I felt all my power in my erected penis, and entered like real conqueror, I hadn’t felt like that for few last months. I don’t know how but it influenced even my mood, I was too excited, but it wasn’t mentioned in instruction, I thought it was psychological preparation. I used this medicine during 3 weeks. Viagra’s dosage is very simple, only one pill per 24 hours and its effect lasts up to 4 hours; it is more than enough for normal everyday sex. I decided not to tell to my wife about all my problems and about taking pills and after desired two weeks of vacation in our vacation house on island I became rested and I have restored all my sexual drive. Now I don’t need medicines for getting good erection, but I am very thankful to Viagra that it rescued me in difficult times. Now I know how to help myself if it happened again, moreover, I can recommend Viagra to others, because it really works. O, I forgot to remind about Viagra’s side-effects. In prescription there are a lot of them, but in fact, few times after taking I had runny nose, it was like short flue that finished in 1-2 hours, thus personally I didn’t feel any serious side-effects, but as I know it is individual phenomenon and everything depends on personal sensitivity.”

So, we hope that this experience of one of our readers will be helpful for you. Every man need to be the best for his partner and it is hard to fulfill it if your erection fails you. Thanks to our pharmacist and scientists, humanity has such drugs and men can enjoy by their healthy erection practically at any age. As it was said, with coming of old years, men often lose their ability to have firm erection, but we all want to have good intimate life despite the age. And here is Viagra again, because it can used by anyone who is older than 18 years old and faced with a problem of ED. Men of different age buy Viagra and stay good intimate partners for longer years.

“I am 62 years old, and with time my wife, who is 10 years younger than me want sex more that usually and I became more passive, because my unstable erection that become worse, I guess because of my age. I have heard a lot about Viagra and I decided to try it and I have to admit, that now I am an active user of it. The first question was: where to buy Viagra? As I am active user of internet, I work quite a lot and the rest time I travel with my wife and younger children, I practically have no time for shopping, for choosing presents in shops and I use online stores often, thus I decided to buy Viagra online. It is very convenient, because I kept in secret my need in this medicine, friendly saying, I afraid that someone can say that I had young girl as my partner or it is too late for such an old man to have sex, although I am happy to have such wife as I have and to have normal and regular intimate life, despite of some problems for some time, I was afraid of some disapproval. I liked service in online store, I was delivered my drug very fast and I could buy Viagra without prescription. After taking the drug I kept a pause in 30 minutes and then I started my romantic dinner with my wife. Later we had sex and I didn’t get any fail from my erection, we had normal sex and both were totally satisfied. I felt blood flow to the penis and I even felt some pulsation in my head (I guess the pressure was raised a bit, but it dint disturbed me much), I seemed to me that penis was a bit bigger then usually and such possibility was mentioned in instruction. I told my wife about medicine and she admitted that she felt me better during coitus. I am happy with a result, it is very good that we have the opportunity to buy such drugs and prolong our happy intimate life. I plan to try generic Viagra, I heard that its quality can differ, but there can be found quality analogues at lower price. Personally for me Viagra’s price is high, although its effect is perfect, that’s why I want to try generic and thus to save my money. For now I am fully satisfied with its result and can boldly recommend it to other men, who need in improvement of the erection, but I can say for them too, that it is better to order Viagra in the Internet as it can greatly save your time and money.

So, we hope our page is useful for you, and you can make your own conclusions and your own choice. Remember that intimate life is important part of our life for health and for relations, and if you have the opportunity to keep it healthy and normal, use this opportunity, but don’t forget to read the instruction before using of special medicine.