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You are welcome to our live journal where we speak about men’s topics. Many our visitors live their anonymous letters where they ask to light this or that topic, they tell about their experience and ask questions and on the background of latest letters, we noticed that men more and more often worry because of erectile dysfunction, and it is clear as men always want to be in their best form for getting and giving real pleasure and satisfaction in sex.

First it is better to clear out why it happens. Of course it is better to say that everything is individual and it is better to consult a doctor. In fact, we know that men are embarrassed with the problem of erectile disorder or ED; they feel shame because of it and usually afraid visiting doctors. Here we try to give a lot of information about this problem. First and common reasons for men of all ages are stress and fatigue. Today people are affected by everyday stress and some of the can influence even men’s potency. This phenomenon can be temporal and quite lasting. And as intimate life doesn’t like to be delayed healthy erection should be turned back with a help of special medicines. There are few very popular drugs that are heard by many, they are Viagra, Levitra and Cialis. In this article we want to tell about Levitra as many men asked us exactly about it and also we have some anonymous reviews.

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Most drugs for treatment of ED are universal and can be used in most cases of ED. Older men suffer from this disorder mostly because of bad work of blood vessels. All bad habits during life, all bad food, and improper regime influence on heart and blood vessels work, which is significantly deteriorated with years. Inactive way of life and excessive weight are most common barrier for good blood circulation and as well for healthy erection in men. For all mentioned problems Levitra is effective in treatment of erectile disorder. This medicine was developed for making possible of achieving quality erection in sexual arousal and getting maximum pleasure from intimate life. Sex is a good part of every relation in couple, if both are healthy and able to coitus, but if they not, it is better to be treated as absence of sex makes us irritable and unhappy and vice versa it regular presence makes us happy and healthy. A lot of men with erectile disorder buy Levitra for treatment because they trust to its effectiveness and they are satisfied with its result. Levitra is used to increase blood circulation and blood flow to the penis, thus it becomes firm and bigger in size, erection occurs. All drugs for erection have temporary effect, some drugs can make men able to have erection during 4 hours, for 6, 8, 30 hours etc. Levitra is effective during 8 hours that is regarded by men as golden medium. Levitra dosage is clear and simple. It is recommended to take only one pill approximately 30-40 minutes before sex and then during eight hours men can be sure in his erection, despite the reason why does it disappear.

If you suffer from weak erection and you haven’t serious heart diseases or stroke history, you can feel free to use Levitra. This medicine isn’t harmful, although some Levitra’s side-effects should be mentioned. One of the most common is flu-like symptoms such as clogged or runny nose, also red face and headache. Usually side-effects are rare and Levitra is regarded as safe medicine. One important thing about Levitra is men with diabetes can use this medicine and be sure in getting effect. Every man who have ever try Levitra admit its effectiveness. We have one interesting review from our reader and we can public it here anonymously: “I have just started dating with one very gorgeous girl, I felt in love with her at once. In that period of my life I had some problems at work and I was exhausted. And once we haven’t seen each other almost two weeks, I asked her to come to me for dinner. I planned our first sex for that night, but it was total fail, because my erection wasn’t good. It was real shame for me; I didn’t know how it happened to me. That night I finished with brilliant cunnilingus for her and I started looking for some medicine for me. I have diabetes and I have limited selection of proper medicines. I decided to order Levitra as I have red its description and decided to use it. Sometime later we met again and after only one pill of Levitra I was like a god in our bad. I know that I am very subjected to stress and emotional strain and Levitra is my salvation in such cases. Moreover, I have never felt any side-effects. Everything is naturally and very good.”

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We also want to add that Levitra hasn’t anything toxic and totally useful for taking it before conceiving a child, it will have any harmful influence on future fetus. If we compare Levitra vs Viagra, that is one of the drugs for ED with world-wide fame, the Levitra has much longer effect and more mild effect that is very important especially for those men, who have diabetes.

Where to buy Levitra? Men can buy Levitra in drugstores as it is medication for erectile disorder treatment. But most men are afraid to tell about their intimate problems especially in front of other people. That’s why in order to make purchasing anonymous, men use internet and buy Levitra online. This modern way of buying goods really help to save time as you can open the page on your computer and place your order there only for few minutes. Remember, how it feels when you spend your time, come to the drugstore and the needed medicine is not available there. In case of online purchasing you are in safe from such situations, because you can find online store, where there is your drug in available. Moreover, you can buy Levitra online without prescription and any other special documents or proves. This is for you to choose the best option where it is better to buy Levitra, but it is better to value your time and your money as online stores usually offer lower price than in classic drugstores as they don’t have to pay for rent of the retail space.

If you want to find even lower Levitra’s price, you can pay your attention for analogue medicines or as they are called generics. They are not originals, but have the same effect, despite another name and another manufacturer. System here is simple. The company inventor spend billions for finding new drug and patented it, when patent period is over, others manufacturers can make the medicine with the same formula, but should change name and appearance as they are intellectual property of the inventor. Thus manufacturers of generic Levitra had no expenditures for inventions and they can afford setting lower price for their product. Try to buy generic Levitra, save your money and check its quality for yourself.