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You are welcome to our online resource created for men’s audience. On this page today we will speak about erectile disorder. This problem is very common today and we decided to touch exactly this problem, because many our readers asked us to explain why does this problem occur, how to improve potency and are there effective medicine and what is better to use? In fact this problem is very wide and here we are only trying to give clear and short answer. But previously we have placed here a quiz where we asked about the most popular medicine for erectile dysfunction treatment that you usually use, and we have put few popular medicines and we have a winner. Actually our participants in the quiz could not only leave their anonymous answer, but also anonymous comment, later we will public some of them.

So, erectile dysfunction or ED is common problem today, it is seemed that only older men in the age of 40 and older can suffer from it. But, for a pity, this disorder became younger and even younger men can more and more often suffer from fails in bed. Healthy potency is necessary for all men at any age, because quality sex that brings joy for both in couple is often very important part in relations. There are even cases when bad sex because of bad erection became the reason for split ups. Men’s erection is a sign of men’s health and their ability to be valuable among women or for the only woman, girlfriend or wife. Man feels terrible shame and embarrassment when he cannot have normal erection, enough for satisfaction of his woman. That’s why this question is hot for every man and we have several recommendations how to protect men’s health and to maintain good potency.

Where to buy Kamagra Online

First thing, which men should know, that stresses have deteriorative effect on potency. Today we all live in world of total stresses, everyday work, and business, news on TV, domestic quarrels etc, and influence on our health and sometimes can be reflected on weak erection in your bed in the very improper moment. Over-excitement or psychological barrier, for example, with a change of partner, is also often reasons. So, these reasons are often peculiar for younger men. In such cases, with avoiding of stressful situation or after some rest, the problem passes away. And what is about older men? Usually their main problem is bad condition of blood vessels, where blood cannot circulate as freely and fast as in younger men and then problem with erection occur. This can be avoided with avoiding of bad habits and making sport since young years and during whole life. But if you are already 40 and you didn’t fallowed these rules, most likely erectile disorder visits you from time to time. And in order to achieve firm erection and to live full life that includes healthy sex, you can use special medicines that were created for treatment of erectile disorder and their effect is aimed on fast achieving of erection. Today the market is full with similar drugs, all they have different names, dosages and price, that’s why we asked in our readers: what is better on their mind after their own experience. And here we have the winner and we will tell you about it. It is Kamagra. Our results say that more often men buy Kamagra for getting erection fast. We have studied some information about this drug and here we can say, that Kamagra has Sildenafil as active component, so, practically, it is a Generic of Viagra. It is manufactured by Indian company, not by Pfizer and thus it has another name, the same compositions and much lower price. Kamagra’s price is really attractive as it is quality generic and men often choose it, because they can get good effect and spend much less money. Kamagra’s dosage is very simple: only one pill approximately one hour before the sex. Its effect can last up to six hours. Yes, you should plan your sex, but from another side, you have six hours in reserve and even if your sex will occur in 3 or five hours after taking a pill there is a guarantee to have firm erection. But manufacturer notifies, the best result can be got if you try to take it one hour before planned sex.

As any other medicine it has side-effects and they are the same with Viagra’s.
Kamagra’s side-effects are: headache, red face, backache, flue-like symptoms and dizziness. Side-effects are really rare and only 3% of patients face with them. Mostly they happen because of overdose. It is recommended to take no more than 1 pill per 24 hours, and be sure that you are not allergic to some components.

You may ask where to buy Kamagra? We have studied this question and can say that there are two options: classic drugstore and online store. Most men today buy Kamagra online in order to save time, not to spend time for searching in drugstores, not to be distracted from usual doings. Often online stores offer convenient system of delivery right to the address, that helps to stay anonymous and once again, to save time greatly. Moreover online stores have lower prices that cannot fail to please.

We have got one very detailed anonymous comment in our quiz and we want to public it here as some information can be useful for our readers. “I am 52 and few last years I use special medicines for improving my erection. Very often I had my penis not strong enough to enter or to bring enough pleasure for my wife and once I decided to try Kamagra. In fact, this medicine has optimal continuation of effectiveness up to 6 hours, I always try to take a pill one hour before sex, so I can say nothing about its effect if I would take a pill, for example five hours before. Sometimes I feel dizziness after taking a pill, but sometimes I think that it is because of lasting sex, I don’t remember any other side-effects, maybe I am lucky, but I am sure, Kamagra is safe and has mild effect, that’s why everything is good for me. Usually I buy Kamagra online. I am sure that I can get the delivery right to my address and I always can buy Kamagra without prescription. I am sure that I will not get extra questions and will not feel curious eyes on me. In compare Viagra vs Kamagra I felt no difference and decided that I shouldn’t pay more, thus, my choice is Kamagra.” There can be readers that want to ask: what is generic? Generic is analogue of original drug, they appear when patent term for original drug is over and another company buys the formula of medicine and starts its manufacturing. As a rule, generic is identical to original in its compositions and effect, but not in name, appearance and country of origin. And men who think that they buy generic Kamagra, in fact they buy generic Viagra, because all these drugs have the same active component and the same effect on potency. Kamagra generics are popular in India, in country where from it is originated.

So, the common recommendation is clear, but you should understand, that everything is individual and the best way for choosing the most suitable drug personally for you, is your own experience. Here we were trying to give the best information about the most popular medicine in treatment of ED and now you are well-informed to feel free to order Kamagra. Anyway, we recommend you to read the instruction before using. And don’t be afraid to recognize the problem and to start its treatment, remember that there are a lot of safe drugs for the potency that can help you to feel yourself real man and to enjoy with satisfaction in sex again.